Weekend adventures in Dunedin, FL

Hubby went back to NJ this past weekend so I made my way out to Dunedin, FL to visit my brother and his wife. This was my first time venturing out of Orlando and the first of many trips to go visit them.

The first thing we did was go to breakfast at Another Broken Egg Cafe in Clearwater. I had the Classic Biscuit and Gravy meal which consisted of: House-recipe country sausage gravy over an over-sized biscuit, two eggs any style, and two house-made sausage patties. It also came with a side of breakfast potatoes.

This was seriously delicious. I didn’t care to much for their house-made sausage patties. But everything was really good. I got Chocolate milk with my meal because I am a child and the thing looked like a milkshake when it came out. It had whipped cream a cherry and chocolate syrup on it. YUM. 

After breakfast we chilled for a bit and then went out to the beach. Guys. This place was amazing I might as well have been in Caribbean waters. We went to Honeymoon Island State Park. It cost $8 for a car to get onto the park, which to me is awesome. Coming from NJ where it was $10 per person to get onto a beach this was 👌.

So we parked our car and then walked like 10 feet to the beach which is great. I got out onto the little walkway to the beach and was instantly in awe. 

beach 1

I could already see how clear the water is. Now I am not one to swim in the ocean or lakes or anything like that. Honestly I hate it. Growing up in NJ where the water is as dark as can be I didn’t like not knowing what was around me while I was in the water. Also sea creatures freak me out so that doesn’t help my situation. 

This water was SO CLEAR that I went out so stinking far and could still see my feet. I was still pretty nervous but if something was going to eat me I could see it so it was totally fine. Plus this beach has a huge sand bar like 50 feet out from the shore that makes it a little more comforting if you have to swim somewhere quickly. 

We stayed at the beach for around 4 hours then made our way back home for dinner. After dinner we headed out to Downtown Dunedin which was a super cute town with shops, restaurants and ice cream. We ended our night in downtown Dunedin with this view:


and an impromptu family photo shoot and tequila shots at Casa Tina. 

Our last stop of the night after taking my mom back to the house was Dunedin Brewery. I really like visiting new breweries and I will be back to this one to go on their tour. They had live music in their very open indoor seating area and then a smaller outdoor area which is where we decided to sit. They also have food which is not really a normal thing that breweries have. And their beer was really good. Whenever I go back I will give it a proper review. 

So that was basically my one day trip out to Dunedin and Clearwater.  There will be plenty more trips in the future. Saturday I left with my mom to head to Walt Disney World to take her to Magic Kingdom for the first time in 20 YEARS. So look forward to that post. See ya next time. 

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