The Picky Eater Review: Antojitos


I want to begin this with the fact that I really don’t like Mexican food. That being said, I LOVE TACOS, like LOVE THEM. Everything else not so much. My dad visited recently and we decided to hit CityWalk for a night out. There are so many good places to eat there that choosing one is kind of hard, and for me Antojitos is never really an option. But this time we decided to give it a try because I really wanted Tacos.

after looking at their menu for a little while, I actually decided against tacos. but instead I decided to get the Combinacion Fajitas, which, lets be real are just fancy tacos. With this type of meal you got to pick two of the four types of Fajitas they offer. I picked Pollo (Chicken) and Carne (Meat) and that came with grilled onions, peppers and house made tortillas, lettuce, guacamole, sour cream, cheese and pico de gallo.

 I really enjoyed this. The only complaint I have is I really didn’t like the meat. It wasn’t easy to eat in the tortilla at all and it just didn’t have a good flavor. Now the chicken on the other hand was really good. The veggies were yummy and I had plenty of left overs to give my husband when he got home from work.

The only other thing I ordered was the Aguas Frescas Hibiscus which is a popular summer’s day drink in Mexico. It was delicious and I love Hibiscus drinks in any form so I was all about it.

For me, Antojitos is a so-so rating on the picky eater scale. I will figure this scale out eventually so it makes sense… right now I am just making things up. But if you like Mexican definitely give this place a shot because what I had was really good. See ya next time!


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