Forgot your wallet? That’s not a problem at Walt Disney World.

So you’re about to pull into the parking lot of a Walt Disney World park and something triggers your memory, ‘you forgot your wallet stupid’. This just happened to me this past weekend when I went to Disney’s Animal Kingdom with a friend. I really don’t like other people paying for me or owing people money so I instantly hated that I forgot my wallet but as the day went on I realized I didn’t really need it, and that my friends, is legit.

First, we all know that Walt Disney World has magic bands that connect your tickets, credit cards, memory maker etc. So right off the bat you have basically everything you need. Getting into the park is no issue it’s when you get into the park that I had to really think about how to not have my friend pay for food and drink throughout the day.

It was seriously humid and gross outside, we wanted to get something refreshing and we both needed caffeine. So naturally the search for Starbucks commenced since they blend in rather well in the parks (btw, the Starbucks in Animal Kingdom is called Creature Comforts and is located by Pizzafari). When we were waiting in line I all of a sudden remembered that I have this fancy thing called a smart phone and on that smart phone is an app, what app do you ask? The STARBUCKS APP. The Starbucks app allows you to reload a purchased gift card and pay via mobile. Hurdle number one avoided.

We continued to meander the park hitting a couple rides going to meet Rafiki at Rafiki’s planet watch and then we both wanted to eat something. Que me not really wanting to eat because I don’t want to have my friend pay for my food. Lightbulb. Satu’li Canteen (review coming) has mobile ordering. Mobile ordering is seriously the best thing that Walt Disney World has begun to role out into their parks. If you have a card linked to your My Disney Experience you can purchase food from certain restaurants in the app and then just go pick it up when it’s ready at the counter.

There are multiple places that have mobile ordering now and every park has a couple choices and Disney Springs only has one as of now. Here are your choices as of right now:

The only issue I see that you could run into would be getting into the parking lot at the main gates to each park. This really depends on who is working though because I have had people just scan my magic band, but then others ask for the whole nine, ID and all.

Also you most likely will not be able to get an alcoholic beverage if you forget your license. There are ways to work around this obviously by having a friend get one for you, if they allow more than one drink per person.

You also have the option to use Apple or Samsung Pay at majority of places on property.

So, if for some reason you forgot your wallet at home, fear not because there is always the option to get food and drink without your actual card in hand. See ya next time!

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