Aruba, Jamaica, oh I want to take you to… My Brothers Wedding!

Yup. I went to Aruba. It was amazing and beautiful and I want to start planning our next trip back because this one was not long enough. We were only there for a total of two days. We visited the tiny island for my brothers wedding and we had A BLAST.

We stayed at The Renaissance Ocean Suites on Oranjestad, Aruba. It’s a timeshare resort and decently small had a nice pool and little beach. I didn’t take many pictures of the resort itself because I was really just living in the moment but I do have a picture of our view.


I want to add that this resort is not all inclusive, but it does have one MAJOR perk about staying there. The Renaissance has it’s own private island and if you are staying on site then you get to go to this island whenever you want free of charge.  We heard that if you are staying anywhere else it cost about $100 per person to visit.

The island was also the venue of my brothers wedding. But before I get to this we went to The Divi Resort the night we got there for a welcome party for the wedding. The food was good and the view was pretty. (The pictures aren’t great).

The next day we went to the private island, before we got there we stoped at the Dutch Pancake House across the street for breakfast. It was delicious.

After breakfast we walked to the boat launch to head to the island. It was maybe a two minute walk out to the launch where we saw some wildlife. Once on the boat is was about an eight minute boat ride out to the island.

Then we got to the island. I don’t know if you noticed the RIDICULOUSLY blue water in the above set of pictures, but that is what was surrounding the entire island. I have never seen anything like it before and I was dumbfounded. We also learned that this island was home to the infamous Flamingo Beach that you may have seen on a video floating around Facebook. It was amazing. Enjoy.

Take me back.

That same night was the wedding which was also spectacular. It was back on the island and they had the whole thing reserved just for us. The food was amazing and the set up was great. Congratulations to my brother and sister-in-law!

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