My Disney Bucket List

Everyone has a Disney bucket list right? Full of things that are either CRAZY expensive or basically impossible to do (or actually impossible).. let’s go through mine shall we? Hopefully through the life of my blog I get to cross a couple of these off. I am going to break my list up into sections just to keep some sort of organization…fullsizeoutput_2c4.jpgSection 1: Achievable 

1. Keys to the Kingdom Tour

Always love a good tour, especially if it takes you to places you don’t normally see. Keys to the Kingdom takes you through Magic Kingdom and teaches you all about it. This one is way obtainable, it’s really just about the money, as is everything else lol.

2. Wild Africa Trek

If you have been following me on Twitter or Instagram you probably know that Animal Kingdom is my favorite Disney park. Going on the Wild Africa Trek Tour would be SO AWESOME. It’s a 3-hour tour behind the scenes of the safari. One thing you get to do is walk across a rope bridges ABOVE the alligators! How awesome is that?! One day, one day.

3. Fireworks Cruise 

This is really obtainable if my friends and I split the cost, which we have already talked about. To be clear, I am talking about the Happily Every After cruise, not Illuminations, no one wants to see Illuminations anymore… let’s be real.

Section 2: Maybe achievable if I win the lottery

1. Stay at a Copper Creek Cabin at Wilderness Lodge

THIS may be the one place on Disney property that I have been dying to stay at since they were built which was only about a year ago… maybe not even that long. Wilderness lodge is at the tippy top of my hotels to stay at because it is my favorite hotel on property.

2. Visit Every Disney Park in the World

This is maybe achievable, over like 50 years of my life. We have only ever been to Walt Disney World. Next up on the list of parks is Disneyland, then Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea.

3. Stay at Every Walt Disney World Resort

Once again, achievable but would be easier if we won the lottery. Also self explanatory.

Section 3: Miracles can happen right?

1. Walking Tour of Spaceship Earth

I would love to see this ride with the lights on and be able to just walk around and see everything up close and personal. I am all about ruining the magic to see how things work lol. Just think how cool it would be to see some of these scenes with the lights on.

2. Have Magic Kingdom ALL TO MYSELF

Yes, I want to be in the park by myself (with a couple people) and just have free range to go on all rides as many times as we want with no other people. Honestly this is true for any of the parks.

3. Stay the night in Cinderella Castle.

I feel like this is on a lot of people’s bucket lists, and it’s also basically impossible. I feel like once a year there is a contest to win a night in the castle, but I also feel like winning these contests is just as hard as winning the lottery. I would be happy to just visit it for five minutes.

I have more, but to spare you from a really long blog post I will stop there. There are some things that I have crossed off of the bucket list, which is pretty cool. I ate at California Grill last year and watched the fireworks from the rooftop and I attended Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. Not a lot of items, but I will take it!

Let me know what’s on your Disney Bucket list in the comments below!

4 thoughts on “My Disney Bucket List

  1. Such a great list! I totally agree with these. Especially Cinderella’s castle! One can wish, right? I also really want to do a Disney Cruise at some point, that’s definitely on my list! 🙂 Great post!!

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