Let’s Go Resort Hopping! Universal Edition

Earlier this week I wrote about resort hopping at Walt Disney World, and I got some great feedback so I wanted to do the same for Universal Orlando Resort! This blog won’t be as long, as it’s super simple to resort hop around there considering it’s pretty small in size compared to Disney.

Loews Portofino Bay Hotel - Jessamack

Universal has five resorts currently (soon to be six with Aventura set to open in August) Cabana Bay, Sapphire Falls, Royal Pacific, Hard Rock Hotel, and Portofino Bay. All of these hotels are awesome and totally worth checking out.

Now, ready for the easy part? You can get to all of the resorts except Cabana Bay by boat transportation from City Walk. The boats will take you directly to their specific resorts. The boat rides are nice and none of them take a long time.

You could technically get to Cabana bay by taking the boat to Sapphire Falls and then walking across the street if you wanted to, but the only direct route there is by bus, or walking, but walking takes awhile.

You could walk to each resort. It’s a very quick walk to Hard Rock from CityWalk and just a littler further down is Portofino. Royal Pacific is also not a bad walk either, it’s just when you get to Sapphire Falls and Cabana that it starts to become slightly far, especially after a full day the the parks.

And that’s about it, it’s extremely easy to check out all of the Universal resorts in a day. It’s a nice thing to do if you don’t have a ticket into the park or you are just looking to get outside!

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