The Picky Eater Review: Raglan Road Irish Pub and Restaurant

Recently I went out to eat with my husband and a friend from home (NJ) and we made a last minute reservation for Raglan Road Irish Pub and Restaurant. Located right next to Morimoto Asia at Disney Springs, this place is one of my all time favorite Disney restaurants. I’ve eaten here I think four times now and I have yet to have a bad meal.

Wondering how I got the last minute reservation? I used Open Table. I use this often when we are looking for last minute reservations for Springs (or anywhere else on the Disney property). I highly suggest it when what you are looking for isn’t coming up in My Disney Experience. If you want to see a list of Disney Restaurants that are available on Open Table you can check that out here.

Any who, back to the review!

We got seated 3 minutes after we checked in, and had a table that was right next to the main dinning area where the stages are. It was a very small table and there were only three of us so I could imagine what it would be like it there was a fourth. This was fine with us though, we aren’t really picky about tables. That being said, my pictures aren’t that great because of lack of space.

Raglan is a cool place to be, it’s very much an Irish Pub atmosphere and looks like it was taken straight out of Dublin. It is a pretty loud place but that is part of the atmosphere in my opinion. There are two bars inside, one large one off to the left and a smaller one towards the back right of the dining room. There are also two smaller bars outside, one on each side of the building. They have quite the drink menu and have my favorite cider on tap: Magners Irish Cider, highly suggest this if you like ciders.


Time for the food!

Bread: Irish Soda Bread with Guinness dipping sauce

Raglan Road - Jessamack
Irish Soda Bread with Guinness Dipping Sauce

One of the best breads I’ve had at any restaurant ever.  Also the Guinness Dipping Sauce is amazing and all it is is Guinness and brown sugar.

Appetizer: Dalkey Duo ($13.00) Battered Cocktail sausages with a Dalkey mustard dipping sauce.

Raglan Road - Jessamack
Dulkey Duo

These are SO GOOD. We’ve gotten them the past two times we have been to Raglan and I feel like we will keep getting the as long as they are on the menu. They are a little spicy and the Dalkey mustard is delicious. It’s like a better version of spicy mustard.

Meal #1: Our Pie to Try ($20.00) Try our delicious chef selected freshly baked pie of the day – Chicken Pot Pie

Raglan Road - Jessamack
Chicken Pot Pie

I decided to go for the chicken pot pie this time around at Raglan. It did not disappoint. The chicken was so tender and the crust was deliciously flaky.

Attention people who don’t like mushrooms (like me, I hate them), there are mushrooms in this pot pie which I was not aware of. You can eat around them though as they are bigger pieces.

The pie isn’t always a chicken pot pie and I believe the waiter will tell you what the pie of the day is when they come to the table.

Meal #2: Boaring Burger ($20.00) Grilled wild board burger, Cashel blue cheese, crispy onion strings, arugula, port and pear chutney with herb aïoli served on a floury potato bun.

Raglan Road - Jessamack
Boaring Burger

This was my husbands meal. He said it was the best burger he has had on Disney property and that is saying something. I can’t say much more since I didn’t eat this, but the chips (fries) we’re really good, I did eat one or two of those.

We didn’t eat any dessert this time around but we have tried the Apple & Peach Crumble and the Ger’s Bread & Butter Pudding. Both very good.

Last but not least, Raglan Road provides a show during dinner and the entertainment is great! The dancers are amazing and the bands are always very good.

Whether or not you can see the entertainment depends on where you are sitting in the restaurant. This was the first time we have been seated in the main area where the stages are. It can be loud but it’s only for certain times during the night and it is totally worth it.

I love Raglan Road. I will always eat there. In terms of picky eating, there really isn’t much on the menu that I will eat so keep that in mind. The items I do choose to eat are always good, so give it a shot!

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