Solo Theme Park Adventurer

Hey guys, by now you know I love theme parks and I am here to tell you that it is ok to go to them alone. I love going by myself for a number of reasons:

  1. I Don’t need to follow anyone’s plans. If you go by yourself, the only plans you have to worry about are your own. Don’t want to go on Small World? You don’t have too. Want to just ride the People Mover over and over again? Go for it. Don’t want to go on anything? No worries, because you are the only person you have to worry about if you go by yourself.
  2. Getting FastPasses is way easier. Have you tried getting good FastPasses to the top rides out there for a large group of people? It’s not easy. Going solo means you can pick and choose what you please basically. I have gotten Mine Train, Space and Big Thunder Mountain all in the same day when I am by myself.
  3. I can take pictures without people getting annoyed that I am stopping every 5 seconds to shoot something else. This is big for me and for anyone else who loves to just take pictures of everything and anything. Often I tend to wander off at the last second because I saw something new that I haven’t captured yet and then people freak because I’ve “gone missing” 😂. No but seriously, they don’t really do that, I just would rather not worry about catching up to anyone when I am out at the parks.
  4. I don’t need to rush around. Going to the parks, especially with people who don’t get to go often, can be extremely exhausting. When I am by myself I can just grab a snack and chill for as long as I want to. I am very fond of people watching, so it just allows me to totally relax in the parks.
  5. SINGLE RIDER LINE. This is more so for Universal than for Disney since Disney doesn’t have many single rider lines. Universal on the other hand has plenty. The only single rider line I don’t suggest getting in to is Rockin’ Roller Coaster’s, that one takes just as long sometimes as the normal wait (trust me it’s happened to me) and I don’t really think it’s worth it.

I could probably think of more, but this is just a short list of reasons why going to the parks solo is pretty great. I highly recommend it. It’s really relaxing and fun. Not saying I don’t also like going with a group of people, because I do and I go allll the time with friends. Sometimes it’s just nice to move at your own pace.

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