Disney H2O Glow Nights!

Last night I went to Disney H2O Glow Nights at Typhoon Lagoon and I had a blast. Before I get into it, I haven’t been to Typhoon Lagoon since I was in high school which is 10 years ago now, so it’s been a little while. I didn’t remember much of anything about the park or the rides so I was basically going in blind.

That being said, it was awesome to experience the park for what felt like the first time again. I had so much fun at this event. And I just want to add I was brought by a friend who got invited for an event so thank you to them!

Typhoon Lagoon is amazing. It’s even more amazing when there are maybe 500 people in that park. It was empty. Disney’s H20 Glow Nights is a ticketed event that occurs after hours, similar to Micky’s Not So Scary or any of those other events. With these events comes a limited crowd and sometimes it’s worth the price. This event I think is 100% worth the price but I will get to that later.

Just to give everyone a little background, this event is themed after the Partysaurus Rex short. If you’ve never seen it, check it out here.

Being that I was there for a special event, we started with a tour of the park to see what the night had to offer to all the guests. We saw the meet and greet locations, where you can meet Jessie and Woody, and Buzz. Jessie and Woody also had the Pixar ball with them so it made for a cool photo op. I tried to get a picture but we kind of rushed past it so I missed my chance. Buzz’s meeting spot includes Buzz Lightyear and Zurg inspired surf boards which were pretty awesome.

We then got to see some of the new Toy Story merchandise coming to Hollywood Studios and Typhoon Lagoon. I’m all about the “I’m a nervous Rex” shirt. I think it’s adorable.img_9922After this, we made our way to the beach party which everyone seemed to enjoy. The stage had Partysourys Rex himself and it was adorable.

img_0482It was your typical DJ dance party with fun and games, definitely catered to the youngins. The music was fun though, and they played it all throughout the park so it made for a fun night.

We then moved onto the food, which is always my favorite part. Being a special ticketed event, they have special food and drink choices. We were able to try the Impossible Burger (lettuce, tomato, crispy banana peppers, chipotle mayonnaise) which was really good for a theme park burger…. especially since this is VEGAN. I had no clue that it was until today and holy crap I would have NEVER known. Now I know that the Impossible Burger is a plant based burger that tastes just like meat.

You can find this item at the Leaning Palms food stand. We also got to try their gelato cookie sandwiches which are made with the gelato from Vivoli il Gelato located at Disney Springs. These were SO GOOD and you can share them. One was Sugar Cookies with Cheesecake flavored Gelato and the other was Chocolate Chip Cookie with Chocolate Gelato.  I only tried the chocolate chip cookie sandwich because I don’t like sugar cookies or cheesecake, but the one I tried was delicious. The cookie was really good and the gelato was super rich and creamy.img_0508They also had two drinks available to try, one alcoholic and one non alcoholic. The non alcoholic option was the Frozen Blue Raspberry Lemonade. It was alright, exactly what you would expect it to be.  The alcoholic option was the Green Glowrita, a green apple margarita with blueberry popping Bobas. I really liked this and would order it again. The green apple tastes wasn’t overwhelming and it wasn’t very sweet either. And of course both drinks included the patented Disney glow cube.img_0509.jpgNow came the super fun stuff. After all the guided goodness we were able to freely explore the park and hit the rides! Obviously I was the most excited about this because I forgot what they were all like, and they had a brand new ride that I’ve never done.

We went to Miss Adventure Falls first. It opened last March (2017) and from what everyone was saying, it was a great ride. I completely agree. I loved it. It was a good mix between relaxing and thrilling. We went on this twice. We then did every slide on Crush N’ Gusher. You can pick between Pineapple Plunger, Coconut Crusher or Banana Blaster. Coconut Crusher was my favorite.

After these we made our way to Humunga Kowabunga which is where I discovered I do not like those straight down slides. I had no clue what it was walking up to it. We all thought it was a mat slide lol. Next, we went to Storm Slides. These were your normal twisty turner body slides. We then decided to hit the lazy river because we had enough of the stairs.

As I am looking at a map for ride names I am just now realizing that we did everything except for the three tub slides, Gangplank Falls, Mayday Falls and Keelhaul Falls. How’s that for only having 1.5 hours to ride and experience that park? We had the time to go on these slides also to be honest but we decided to chill in the wave pool instead. Which, holy crap. I knew this wave pool was like THE wave pool but heck man, that wave is seriously intimidating when you are just watching it come at you.

Everything we rode was walk on. Like, no one in front of us walk on. Which made the night that much better. Riding water slides at night is really fun btw. The tubes that are dark during the day are pitch black at night adding a little something extra to the experience.

H2O Glow Nights will be happening at Typhoon Lagoon every Thursday and Saturday from June 21-August 11, 2018. It’s from 8-11 but you are able to get in at 7. So you have 4 hours of water park time to enjoy! It’s $55 plus tax per adult and $50 plus tax for children ages 3-9.

A normal park ticket is $69.23 (after tax) so for $15 less you get less time in the park (who goes for more than like 5 hours anyway?), but you get WAY less people and will easily be able to experience everything that you want. I think it’s worth it.

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