The Walls of Disney: Epcot

Hey friends! Everyone knows about the Walls of Disney. Those perfectly Instagramable walls that are sprinkled throughout the parks. But not everyone knows where they are located. So I am here to give you a guide on where to find them in each park! First up, the park that has the most Disney walls, Epcot.

Some of the Epcot walls are super easy to find. Others, not so much. I took my friend Ashley with me to Epcot to do the hard work for you and find these walls!

First stop, the Bubblegum Wall. Found at the exit of Spaceship Earth, it’s super easy to spot.bubblgegumwallepcotjessamackBubblegumwallepcotjessamackNext, lets travel to the Galaxy Wall. This is located right outside of what was once Universe of Energy. I want to add this is a temporary wall so get your pictures in while you can.GalaxywallepcotjessamackgalaxywallepcotjessamackOnto the newest of the Disney walls, the Rose Gold wall (This is my least favorite Disney wall in case anyone wanted to know). Located at Mission Space. This wall is not easy to find. We were walking around in front of Mission Space for a good 15 min. until I had to ask someone where the heck it was. It’s tucked away by a CM only door. See below.rosegoldwallepcotjessamackrosegoldwallepcotjessamackThe last Epcot Disney wall, and my favorite is the Toothpaste wall. Now, we read the Disney Parks Blog about the Disney Walls and they said it was located at the Exit of The Seas with Nemo and Friends. FALSE. We were looking for this one for a while also. It’s actually located to the left of the Coral Reef restaurant entrance. See below.ToothpastewallepcotjessamacktoothpastewallepcotjessamackI hope you enjoyed this little tour of Epcot. It was a fun day for us and we are eager to get you the Disney wall guides for the rest of the parks!


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