10 Tips to Master Food & Wine

Food & Wine is right around the corner!! That’s right, many people’s favorite Epcot festival is back and I am here to give you some tips to make sure you get the best experience out of your trip!IMG_1993#1: Don’t go opening weekend.

This may seem obvious, but clearly it’s not. Opening weekend of Food & Wine is insanely busy. You will wait at every stand for your food in the hot sun around a ton of people. If you HAVE to go during opening weekend, I suggest Sunday afternoon/night. Locals have work and school the next day so it won’t be as crazy.

#2: Get a gift card so you don’t go broke.

It’s so easy to spend way to much money at these events. Everything seems inexpensive until you buy 5 food options and 4 alcoholic beverages and then you’re in the hole about $70. And that is just for ONE PERSON. So, here is my advice. Give yourself a budget, say $50, then go put that $50 on a gift card so that’s all you spend! They have these little bracelet gift cards specifically for this purpose. Use them!

#3: Buy beer flights. 

If you like beer or cider, do yourself a favor and buy the flights. They are usually $10 for 3 – 4oz pours. If you were to buy one beer from a stand they are 8 oz. pours and usually around $8 each (don’t quote me on that). But it will save you money regardless and you get to try three beers instead of one!

#4: Check out the menus before you go. 

It’s such a good idea to check out the booth menus before you head out. This way, you know what you want and where to get it. It allows you to plan out your time better and makes it so you get exactly what you wanted. I would just put all the menus here but there are so many and other websites that already have it so check out the menu’s here!

#5: If you can, go on a weeknight.

Weekends are always going to be busy. If you can try and head out on a weeknight. It won’t be dead but I can almost guarantee you won’t be waiting long at booths.

#6: Check out the Festival Center.

This building is rarely open so go check it out! It is usually home to the seminars, a couple other exhibits and this year the Craft Beer booth! Plus it’s air conditioned so you will also be able to cool off.

#7: Bring water with you. 

Bringing water with you should be a no brainer during any time of the year. During Food & Wine, it means you’ll always have a drink with you which will save you some money.

#8: Catch a free concert.

Heck you already paid to get into the park so why not check out a free concert? They usually have some pretty entertaining bands/singers and it’s a nice break from walking the showcase. The concerts take place at the America Gardens Theatre and you can check the concert schedule here.

#9: If possible go more than once.

There are different events inside of this event (i.e. Eat to the Beat Concert Series, Disney Du Jour Dance Party) that change every weekend. You will always have a different experience. This also allows you to try different foods or drinks that you didn’t get to try during the first go around.

#10. Don’t forget about the attractions.

Make some Fastpasses, don’t forget the rides exist. You can break up your eating with Living With The Land and some air conditioning. Don’t feel like you have to power through the event. Take your time and enjoy it!

However you choose to enjoy Food & Wine it’s a super fun event that you should check out at least once this year!


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