We Stayed at Lowe’s Sapphire Falls Resort

Staycations are probably one of my favorite things to do now that we live in Florida. It’s inexpensive and still feels like we took a legit vacation from reality. (Somewhat) Recently we stayed at Lowe’s Sapphire Falls Resort which is on Universal Orlando Property. It’s pretty new, opening just about 2 years ago.


I really enjoyed my stay here. It has a super chill vibe and it makes you feel like you are on an Island somewhere instead of being in the middle of Orlando. It has water taxi service to CityWalk which is a huge plus if you don’t care for the buses. If you don’t like either kind of transportation, you can walk. It’s kind of a hike but it’s not too bad.

Before we go any further, I apologize for the lack of pictures. When we stayed here I wasn’t really writing on the blog all that much and didn’t have the blogger mentality to take pictures of EVERYTHING. Going forward, hotel reviews will be much more in depth with more pictures. I promise.

The lobby is huge and has an awesome beach ball chandelier. There is a rum bar off the lobby called Strong Water Tavern which also offers small plates. It has an arcade, an awesome pool with zero entry and pool bar. I mean it has everything you need. Downsides, it doesn’t have a food court or a Starbucks. There is a full service restaurant on the lower level called Amatista Cookhouse that offers a breakfast buffet, lunch, and dinner. We did not eat there. It’s a tad pricey for us.

On to the rooms!

I love these rooms, they have an island feel just like the rest of the resort and our view was pretty awesome.

The beds are extremely comfortable. The pillows are fluffy. You can’t hear your neighbors. The bathroom was all you need. I was very happy with everything about this room.

I would highly recommend staying here if you are looking to take a trip to the Universal Orlando Resort.

Next up for us is the newly opened (like just opened today) Aventura Resort on Universal property! I am SO excited to check it out. From what I have seen so far, it looks pretty amazing. Look out for that review next month!

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