We Went on a Disney Fireworks Cruise!!

So let’s just begin by saying this was a Disney Bucket List item of mine. We discovered it a while ago while exploring one of the many Disney Resort marinas. It has a hefty price tag BUT when you get together with 9 other great friends it becomes pretty affordable. So for my birthday that is exactly what we did!

We got to the dock at Poly at 6:30 and the boat was decked out in really cute birthday decorations. And the banner was Poly themed and I wanted to take it home. We were supposed to leave at 6:45 but a friend of ours was late [if you are reading this we still love you] so we ended up leaving closer to 7 but our boat captain Brian made up for lost time pretty well!

The first thing you do is take a tour of Bay Lake which was pretty cool. They take you up close and personal to Discovery Island and tell you about what it used to be and fun facts about the island. Fun fact everything on this island was left untouched because it cost too much money to remove it. It was extremely creepy and it’s basically Jurassic Park.

The next stop was the shoe tree that you can see daily if you take the boat to Fort Wilderness from MK or vise versa. But it’s fun to have the boat captain give you it’s history.

The last stop before going into 7 Seas Lagoon to get ready for the fireworks is River Country. Everyone knows (or should know) about River Country but there were some facts about it that I did not know and it’s always cool to learn new things about Disney. Sadly this will be torn down eventually to make way for a new resort. This was also super creepy at night.

After our little tour they took us to 7 Seas Lagoon to get our spot for the fireworks. We were right outside of the Magic Kingdom and it was so nice not being in a crowd of people and worrying about exiting the park afterwards. That reason alone makes this boat experience 100% worth it.

The music gets played through the boat’s speakers so you can hear it perfectly. You can also see part of the castle so you can still see most of the projections. Once the fireworks started, it was amazing. The view was incredible and it was such a cool experience to be out on the water watching the fireworks.

I highly recommend this experience it was totally worth it and we will be doing this again. It ended up being about $40 per person for 10 people. This is a great price for something like this. The boat came stocked with snacks and drinks and we were able to bring on any alcohol we wanted too so we purchased champagne from inside the Poly.

You also have the option of ordering other food for the boat but we opted out of that, mainly because it was impossible for us to get a straight answer but that’s another story, and the only poor experience we had during this whole thing.

We didn’t vlog this since we wanted to just be in the moment and because it was my birthday and I just didn’t feel like it lol. BUT my good friend Jenn (@hiddenmickeymagic) vlogged the experience and I’ll put that in here! And make sure you subscribe to her channel for more Disney goodness!

If you want to find out more about the Fireworks Cruise check out Disney’s website here.

Thanks to this lovely group of people for a really fun birthday!

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