The Walls of Disney: Hollywood Studios

It’s about time I get back to the Disney Walls. Awhile ago I wrote The Walls of Disney: Epcot. It was one of my most popular posts and why I didn’t get to the other parks sooner beats me. But here we are, moving onto Hollywood Studios.

Studios really doesn’t have that many official walls. And before Toy Story Land opened I honestly don’t think it had any. Two quick photos later and we were done with Hollywood studios.

Without further ado, the walls of Hollywood Studios!

This wall is called the popsicle stick wall. Located in Toy Story Land at the exit of Toy Story Mania. It’s actually a really nice location for a photo. The lighting is great (depending on the time of day) and there isn’t much foot traffic. The only people that will pass you are the ones exiting the ride and they usually exit in groups and then there is a little break until the next group comes by.

The next wall is the checkerboard wall. Located in the same exact location as the popsicle stick all just directly across from it on the other side of the walkway. This one doesn’t have that great of lighting later on in the day as you can see the sun is shining through trees cause very weird shadows. I’m sure once the sun sets or before it get’s too high the lighting is great on this side too.

To give you a better idea of where these walls are located, check the photo below.

You really can’t miss them, when you exit Toy Story Mania you have to walk right past them.

You can also access them without going on the ride as well. All you have to do is going into the exit which is located to the left of the Luxo Ball.

There are also some unofficial spots in Hollywood Studios that people use for wall photos as well. One is where the entrance to Galaxy’s Edge is, there is a mural of the expansion currently there. Great for Star Wars fans. There is also a paint splatter wall in the muppets area that is popular as well!

When it comes to wall photos Hollywood Studios is on the lower side of photo spots. If you’re looking to have a full day of taking wall photos this wouldn’t be your park of choice, you should head to Epcot or Magic Kingdom (blog coming soon on this one).

If you like any photo spots in Hollywood Studios that I didn’t mention I’d love to know where they are!

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