So you want to know how to use FastPass+ huh?

This is going to be quick I promise.

Ears by @le.ears on Instagram. Fanny is @Funpaqs on Instagram.

My Disney Experience is your best friend (but also your enemy) when it comes to spending the day in the Walt Disney World parks. If you are lucky enough to have a room at one of the 27 resorts on property, you have the ability to book FastPass+ 60 days out from your trip while the rest of us have to wait until we hit 30 days. That gives you a HUGE advantage.

Another advantage would be to have a travel agent book them for you, they usually always get you exactly what you want. But if you don’t have either of those advantages and you’re like me and usually book last minute, have no fear because most of the time you’ll be able to get those ever elusive FastPasses.

There is one trick I’m going to tell you that works. Just 1. When you’re in the My Disney Experience app going to make a FastPass+ and you don’t see the one you’re looking for. Just keep changing the times. It’s that simple.

Now, I must tell you it can take a long time depending on what you are looking for. But it works. I’ve gotten Flight of Passage twice in one day by doing this. I’ve also gotten Seven Dwarfs AND Slinky Dog (this one is way more of a challenge). So the moral of the story here is: don’t give up. Don’t just assume the FastPasses are gone for the day.

Some other tips for you:

You don’t HAVE to make 3 FastPasses for the same park at one time. For example if you start at Hollywood Studios and have a FastPass for Tower of Terror and decide you’re done with that park you can make your next FastPass for another park after the Tower of Terror FastPass is used.

You can also (but this might be frowned upon by some) just book FastPasses for earlier in the day when you won’t be in the park yet to make the 3 go by faster. This is useful at Epcot where you can’t have a Test Track & Soarin’ FastPass at the same time or Hollywood Studios where you can only have one of the Toy Story Land rides at one time.

Try modifying an existing FastPass+ instead of starting from scratch.

And lastly, if you have a group of people try having everyone book separately. Sometimes it’s easier to get four 1-person FastPasses than it is to get a group of 4. Sometimes.

That’s all I really have to say about FastPass. My friends always say I’m a miracle worker when it comes to booking them so I figured I would share my knowledge!

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