It’s not a crime to like both Disney & Universal.

There has been a Twitter war these past couple of days between Disney stans and Universal stans. It’s something that has been going on for a long time. Like a LONG TIME. But with the opening of Hagrid’s in Universal this week it seems to have riled everyone up again.

I for one, love both parks for different reasons. They both have a ton to offer. They both have their flaws, and they both have the things they are better at.

It’s not a crime to like both parks. So don’t go bashing people because they like one thing better than the other. Let everyone enjoy what they want.

If people want to wait in a 10 hour line for a new roller coaster let them.

Don’t complain to Universal & tell them that you won’t be giving them money anymore because the wait is insane for a new ride when it’s opening day and YOU KNEW to expect it.

And don’t say that Disney handles events like this better. Three words: FLIGHT OF PASSAGE. Oh and also, Slinky Dog.

This post is really just a rant post, I’ve actually been trying to write this for awhile but every time I did it came out a little to mean so I didn’t post it.

Just let everyone enjoy what they want to. What’s happening in the world today is enough, so let’s take something as minuscule as theme parks and just let it be.

Also, be nice to the CM’s and TM’s, they are just doing their jobs. 99% of the time it’s not their fault something happened to you.

Ok, I’m done I’m pretty sure this post doesn’t make a lot of sense. I’ll end it with two words.

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