A Dream Month

There hasn’t been much happening lately, I’m sure that’s how it’s been for just about everyone. So me writing a blog about a dream month that we experienced November 2020 is something I do not take for granted.

My husband has a job most people would be jealous of, me included, but every once and awhile I get to partake in the awesome things he gets to do. This past November we got the opportunity to stay in 9 Disney Vacation Club (DVC) resorts. NINE. In a span of 3 weeks. Not only was it a crazy experience but by the end of it we were very excited to be in our own apartment again which is something I never thought I would say.

Those resorts were:

Animal Kingdom Lodge
Old Key West
Wilderness Lodge
Grand Floridian
Bay Lake Tower
Beach Club
The Polynesian

Seeing that all typed out in a list like that makes it even crazier that we got to do this. These stays kind of ruined future stays for us. Every room was so great. We were even able to cross things off of our combined bucket list with stays at Wilderness Lodge and Polynesian. I’ll get to why those are so special soon.

I don’t have too much to say about this I just felt like I needed to reminisce about this because looking back it was one of the best months of our life. I realize that sounds ridiculous but when you are HUGE Disney people like we are it’s pretty amazing.

We often had the “is this real?” conversation as each stay passed and after every stay would try and rank them in order of most awesome to just awesome.

Our bucket list items consisted of staying at the Poly Bungalows and the Wilderness Lodge Cabins. Both of which I never really thought would ever happen because those two room locations cost more than our rent for one night. So you can see why I am just still in shock that we got to stay there. The day we found out about this crazy month we were going to have I just about cried when I found out we were staying in a Cabin. That’s always been something I’ve been dying to do. And you may think it sounds silly to get that excited, which honestly yes it is, but it’s probably one of the nicest places we will ever stay.

jessamack_Wilderness Lodge Cabin
Wilderness Lodge Cabin

If you have be pick between the two, I never thought at the end of the day this would be my choice but I would have to pick the Bungalow. Since we stayed at a time when there was no nighttime entertainment we didn’t get the FULL experience of staying there, but I can only imagine what it must be like to be able to watch Happily Ever After from your personal pool on your deck. Typing that was ridiculous. Yes you get a PERSONAL POOL at the bungalows. The music from the resort is piped onto your deck and it’s the most relaxing experience.

jessamack_Poly Bungalow
Deck of the Poly Bungalow (peep the castle!)

The whole time we were on this trip we were ranking the rooms as we went, which was hard to begin with but at the end of it all my all time favorite room and resort had to be the Boardwalk Resort room we had that overlooked the boardwalk loop. It’s always been one of my top resorts and staying here just made it more so. The view was amazing, you had great view of EPCOT and I once again, if the nighttime shows had been happening it would have been an amazing view.

jessamack_boardwalk resort
Boardwalk Resort balcony
jessamack_boardwalk resort
View from Boardwalk Resort balcony at night (peep Spaceship Earth!)

We are lucky enough to be able to stay at Boardwalk again in a few months and I am VERY excited to go back. This month of stays has ruined normal hotel rooms for us and it will be hard to not book a DVC resort in the future. Until next time! (Reviews of each resort we stayed at are coming!)

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