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Join my friend and I while we chat about theme parks and our adventures!

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Latest Episode

Ep. 11 – HHN Tips & Tricks


Archived Episodes

Ep. 10 – The Ultimate HHN28 Wrap Up


Ep. 9 – Let’s Get Spooky!


Ep. 8 – It’s Not Called Universal’s Cinematic Spectacular


Ep. 7 – Spoilerific: Jurassic World Fallen kingdom


Ep. 6 – More HHN Stuff Announced


Ep. 5 – We Talk A Lot… – Trick or Treat & Un Popular Opinions


Ep. 4 – Volcano Bae & Other Things


Ep. 3 – We’re Still Addicted to Stranger Things!


Ep. 2 – We’re Addicted to Stranger Things!


Ep. 1 – A  Marathon of Questions

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