Who’s that girl?!

I’m an adventure seeking, theme park loving, star gazing, geek from New Jersey.

I grew up in a small historic town called Crosswicks in a house that was older than America, not joking. I moved around quite a bit in my first 26 years of life but never left New Jersey. I met my now husband Freshman year of college and six years later we decided to get married.

We both have a very healthy obsession with theme parks so we moved to Florida in January of 2017 and haven’t looked back. We are constantly outside, and you will usually find us out at the parks or just exploring everything Florida has to offer.

I decided to write a blog to keep my family in NJ informed and aware that I am still alive and well, then it turned into me wanting to start something. I tried the whole Disney Travel Agent thing and it just wasn’t for me. Instead I would just rather be someone who can give tips and tricks about everything in the area instead of just one place.

Top things I will always write about are Disney, Universal, Food, Beer and Local Breweries, more food, and products I love for the parks.

**All opinions are my own. This blog is not in any way affiliated with Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando, or any other place mentioned unless otherwise stated. All photos and content are created by jessamack.