Who’s that girl? It’s Jess!

Hey everyone! So I figured it was a good time to just tell you about me since my first post was about Disney and not myself. Anyway. As you can tell by my first category on my blog, I like theme parks. Like isn’t strong enough of a word for how I feel about them, obsessed is more accurate. Luckily for meeee I found a guy who is also obsessed. See a cute picture of us below. 


That’s Mike. We got married this past October but have been together since 2008. We met in college Freshman year and never turned back. He is mainly the reason for my obsession with Disney and Universal. His family would go on vacations to Orlando every year and I went along for the ride and after a couple times with his family we started going by ourselves. A couple years ago we decided that we wanted to move to Orlando, but didn’t really know when we would be able to do that. BUT low and behold we figured it out because guess where we live now, ORLANDO. Our lease for our NJ apartment was up the month after we got married. We moved in with my mom for a month, I quit my job that December and we took a chance and moved to Orlando this past January. 

It has been hella stressful but also the best thing we could have done. I miss my friends my family and the family dogs terribly but I don’t regret the decision we made one bit. 

I get to go to Universal and Disney WHENEVER I WANT. And this my friends is called happiness. I also got to meet new friends through the theme park community who are pretty awesome, so that’s cool (you know who you are, hey! :])

I also get to be in a totally new state with countless new experiences waiting to happen so that is also very exciting.

And now I started this blog, to take all of you (whoever you are) on my adventures in this whole new world (get it *wink*) I threw myself into. I have a lot to explore so I really do hope you come along. And who knows maybe one day I will start a vlog buutt for right now, baby steps. See ya next time. 

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