Who says no to free ice cream?! Not me.

So like I said in my last post (Weekend Adventures in Dunedin, FL) I took my mom to Walt Disney World for the first time in 20 years. It was a GREAT day. Here is EVERYTHING we got done in just 8 hours on Disney property. We did a lot.

We started our day at ‘Ohana for brunch. It was delicious. I am not going to give it a proper review because I will be taking on the challenge of eating at every breakfast location on Disney property and rank them accordingly. Be on the look out for review posts coming soon.

After brunch we then made out way to the TTC to board our Ferry boat to the Magic Kingdom. At this point in the day we had a FastPass+ reservation for Haunted Mansion at 2:05 which gave us enough time to just chill and take some pictures in front of the train station and then on Main Street and then right in front of the castle.. and basically everywhere. There will be a lot of pictures in this post, so get ready.

My mom was seriously in awe of the park and it made me so happy to be there with her and to appreciate it for real unlike when I was 7… and the castle was a cake…………..

ANYWAY. After Haunted Mansion we had some time to kill before the next fast pass so we just checked what had a short wait, which wasn’t much. Landed on Voyage of the Little Mermaid which honestly never really has a long wait. My mom loved the under the sea scene. AND I found a hidden mickey in the queue.


We then headed to Space Mountain, and I learned that I was seriously a wimpy kid. My mom was never able to go on Space Mountain when we went all those years ago because I was way to scared to get on the ride. Obviously this time was different and she actually got to experience the greatness that is space mountain. Que on ride photo:

Space Mountain

After Space Mountain we did my all time favorite Disney attraction, the Tomorrow Land Transit Authority People Mover.. or just People Mover, figured I should be official. After that I believe we had a FastPass+ for Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin. *Camera Noise*

Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin

By this time in the day we were able to make new fast passes so we picked Jungle Cruise, then Pirates, then we took a break for food. We both enjoyed a Mickey pretzel with cheese, anndd then we went on Big Thunder Mountain. Like holly fast passes. It is NEVER like that. I made another fastpass for Winnie the Pooh, and after that it started to down pour, like seriously downpour. While it rained we went really quickly over to Mickey’s Philharmagic, hoping that it would stop by the time we got out. It didn’t. BUT the most wonderful rainbow appeared so I took 9 million pictures obviously, here are  few.

If finally stopped raining and we had a fast pass for Peter Pan but decided to skip it. That was probably the best idea since we decided to just walk around main street instead and that’s when two cast members from the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor walked up to us with a rather large ice cream sundae and just asked us if we wanted it. Me and my mom just looked at each other kinda like ‘is this really happening?’ Who says no to free ice cream? not me. So we said yes and they said you just need to do one thing name your favorite Disney character. Just like that we had a free sundae AND it was cookies and cream my favorite flavor.

Free Ice Cream!

At this point in the day it’s close to 8 so we just decided to grab a spot for the fireworks and just people watched for the whole hour until Happily Ever After. We picked a really good spot, we were right by where they tape off a walkway (which is new to me) through the hub so we had no directly in front of us and a clear view of the castle. This was my first time seeing Happily Ever After and my moms first time ever seeing Disney fireworks. Holy S*** it was incredible. I can’t wait to go back and see it again, there was just so much going on I feel like I didn’t see it all.

After that we just headed out, and we were able to get back to the TTC in record time and be home by like 10:30 which is kind of crazy for leaving right after the fireworks ended.

So that was my day with my mom at Magic Kingdom. Can’t wait for her to come back so I can take her to the other parks. See ya next time.

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