The Picky Eater Review: Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar

Back at it with blog #4 of the month, bringing you an installment of The Picky Eater Review. We bar hopped around Disney Springs this past Saturday and I picked Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar to review, because honestly I love it. We haven’t had a bad time there yet.


We weren’t there very long but everyone got a drink and some food. I am just writing about what myself and my hubby ordered since I can’t speak about the other items since I didn’t drink or eat them.

We both ordered one drink and a food item to split. Let’s start with my drink, I ordered Reggie’s Revenge. A delicious drink with a crazy green glow. It was also delicious and extremely light. Buyer beware, it is a pre mixed drink, if you don’t want that then don’t order it. BUT it is one of my favs and I will order it again.


Mike (hubby) ordered Shorty’s Singapore Sling, extremely fruity, way to pinappley for me, but still good.


Now onto the food. Every time we have come to this bar we have ordered food. Every time we have ordered food it has been delicious. This time was glorious. We ordered the Nacho Picchu menu item found on the Chefs Special menu that was paper clipped to their everyday menu. I am not sure how long this menu will be available but I highly suggest going soon to get these nachos.



This picture does not do them justice. These were one of those food items that when you see it walk by you go “what the heck was that?!” and then find out and then order them. These were like that. Out of the 5 groups of people on the deck 4 out of 5 people ordered these nachos. They were SO GOOD. The only part I didn’t like about this dish was the pickled onions.

In the past I have also had the Bedtime Story – Absolut Mandrin Vodka, Domaine de Canton Ginger Liqueur, hibiscus syrup, fresh lemon juice and iced tea. Which was awesome and I have gotten it since this trip which was almost a year ago.


Food wise we also got the Snakebite Sliders – Three gourmet beef sliders with tomato-bacon jam, house-made pickles and shredded lettuce. I don’t have a picture of these but trust me they were also good. I do have a picture of another food item though, which was the Temple Tenderloin – sliced beef tenderloin stacked high on a toasted baguette with swiss, tomato, arugula, and radish slaw served with a side of Jugo de Carne and fries tossed with bacon and chimichurri sauce. SO GOOD.


We’ve also had the German Mechanic – Bavarian Radler a.k.a. “Shandy” with Paulaner Hefe-Weizen and Simply Lemonade® which is my favorite drink there, the Cool-Headed Monkey – Starr African Rum, Van Der Hum Tangerine Liqueur, fresh Lime Juice, Watermelon, and Pineapple Juice which hubby said was very good as well.

Their food and drink options always sound and look so good so we can’t wait to get back and try more. The menu prices range anywhere from $10-$20 and you also have the option to bring home suvioner glasses (if your drink comes with one). Check out the menu here!

I also want to bring up the theming of this bar, I should have taken pictures but I am still a blogging novice. It is really detailed and you could probably look around for a good amount of time and still discover new things. It also has indoor and outdoor seating which are ‘both seat yourself’.

Verdict: Picky Eater Approved. And I will be going back. See you there!

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