Jessamacksnacks! Boozy Beignets

Welcome to a new blog series, Jessamacksnacks! Because of my love of food, I wanted to start yet another series about it. These will be different than my Picky Eater Reviews, since these will be short and sweet.

First up are the Boozy Beignets found at Scat Cats at Port Orleans French Quarter.BoozyBeignetsJessamackBoozyBeignetsJessamackWe decided to get the Bailey’s Irish Cream Boozy Beignets. They also have Rumchata and Kahlua.BoozyBeignetsJessamackSo here is my take on these beignets. I liked them, but I don’t think I will get them again. The Bailey’s came in the little dropper and you squeeze it inside before you eat them. I accidentally put all the alcohol in one spot and it was SO STRONG. It tasted like I was chewing a shot of Bailey’s lol. I think it ruined the experience for me.BoozyBeignetsJessamackThat being said, after my mistake I spread it out inside the Beignet like you are supposed to do and it was way better, though it still just tasted like I was chewing a shot. I was happy we had a sprite with us to chase with.

I do believe that everyone should try these out themselves before they take reviews to heart. Everyone likes different things!

If you give these a try I want to know what you think!

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