A Disney First: Behind The Seeds Tour!

Our anniversary weekend was a weekend of firsts and that’s really awesome that we still have those even with how often we attend the theme parks.

We spent the Saturday of our anniversary weekend at Disney and it was the best day ever. Not really, but it was an extreme amount of fun. We wanted to do something really cool that we normally wouldn’t do since it was our anniversary after all. So, we decided to take part in a Disney behind the scenes tour. One that we’ve always wanted to do was the Behind the Seeds Tour.

For those of you who don’t know what the Behind the Seeds tour is, it’s a rather inexpensive tour that takes you behind the scenes of Living With The Land in Epcot. You get to see the green houses up close and personal and learn a whole lot more about how they utilize their plants everyday.

You can sign up for this tour at any point and they leave about every hour right from the exit of Living With the Land. It’s $25 per person (like I said, rather inexpensive) and they do offer a Passholder discount. I believe it was 15%. They also offer a Cast Member discount of 50%!

I think this tour is totally worth it if you love Living With The Land like I do. Plus it’s cool to go somewhere you usually can’t go no matter where it is. It’s also the only behind the scenes tour you can take pictures on. I have SO many pictures. I am just going to put them all out there for you. I just wanted to give a quick little review so you know what to expect.

You start off learning about biological pest control and seeing the little buggers up close. They also provide videos to show you how it all works.IMG_5212IMG_1270After this you head out into the greenhouses. This is where it started to get really cool. Seeing the plants up close was awesome.


You only get to touch one plant, but it’s a seriously fun one lol.

The first picture is what the plant looks like untouched.. and then she shook the whole plant and it was the coolest thing to watch. IMG_5609IMG_3900You get to try cucumbers harvested right there from the greenhouse (they were ah-mazing) and try and lift a 50 lb. Winter Melon.IMG_6028IMG_8032IMG_2517You also get to smell a Passion Fruit flower, which is the best smell ever.IMG_1338You learn about the 9 lb. lemon and how one lemon can make one gallon of lemonade.IMG_8928You also get to feed the Tilapia.img_1363IMG_0575IMG_6144So as you can see, you get to do quite a bit in the hour tour. It’s extremely informative and really interesting. I suggest if you have the time one day to see if you can hop on one of these tours, it’s worth it.img_7041Here are a bunch of other photos for you to peruse!

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